Colostrum Super Food Or Just Cow Milk

Colostrum is a pre-milk substance that is used as a dietary supplement because of its potential ability to support immune health. Colostrum is a concentrated powder supplement featuring bovine colostrum, providing a convenient way to add this supportive ingredient into your daily routine. Simply add the powder to purified water or the beverage of your choice.

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the first milk produced for a newborn baby after birth, containing a mixture of immune and growth factors as well as important nutrients. Our Colostrum supplement contains naturally-occurring immunoglobulins (Immunoglobulins G1 and G2) and is collected within the first 12 hours when the milk has significantly higher levels of immunoglobulins. These bioactive compounds are very beneficial and may help promote healthy immune function

Benefits of Colostrum Supplements

Colostrum is very nutritious and contains more nutrients, antibodies, carbohydrates, fats, digestive enzymes, growth hormones, minerals, and vitamins, than cows milk. The health benefits of colostrum are primarily linked to certain protein compounds. This includes antibodies, growth factors, and lactoferrin. Because bovine colostrum is rich in nutrients that are known to fight disease, as well as promote growth. Also, it has been sited to help immunity, aid in healing injuries, repairing nervous system damage, treat infections, and many other benefits.

We Recommend Colostrum LD

Colostrum LD

Sovereign Laboratories obtains its colostrum from pasture raised dairy cows that are certified to be healthy and not supplemented with rBST* or BSE** and are antibiotic-free.

All raw colostrum supplied to Sovereign Laboratories is tested to confirm that it is from the first milking (after the calf obtains its needs) and free of antibiotics, hormones and herbicides.

Colostrum LD Review



Colostrum-LD was developed by an exceptional source of colostrum that provides a superior delivery system

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