15 Most Bizarre and Imaginative Vehicles

Bizarre and imaginative vehicles are always eye catching no matter how cool or ugly we think they may be. Pedal powered or jet powered, the mix in this video is bound to have something you’ll wish you could own.

Whether it’s on land, sea, or in the air, these 15 crazy and innovative vehicles are nothing short of mind-blowing!

Number Fifteen Coming out of France is the limited production Lazareth LM847. This four-wheel motorcycle runs just under 9 feet long and 3 feet wide while weighing in at a hefty 881 pounds.

Power for this behemoth comes from a 4.7 liter, V8 Maserati engine pushing out 470 horsepower. Each of the four tires are mounted on individual swing arms, allowing them to lean when going through turns.

The bike’s outrageous design leaves everything exposed which creates an even more intimidating look. Anyone interested should contact the company asap as this one is limited to ten units with half of those already spoken for.

Number Fourteen Re-capturing British motoring history, the Morgan Motor Company has crafted the Morgan 3 Wheeler. The two-passenger vehicle retains the Morgan’s unique driving experience while updating it for the 21st Century.

Morgan 3 Wheeler

The vehicle features a tubular steel chassis, a handcrafted ashwood frame, and an open-air, coach-built aluminum body having a total weight just over 1,100 pounds. It’s powered by an exposed 2000cc V-Twin engine producing 82 horsepower.

This, coupled with the 5-speed gearbox, allows for a top speed of 115 miles per hour.

Number Thirteen Though it took three years for German based Horten to develop the prototype HX-2, the aircraft has finally taken to the skies.

Horten HX-2 Prototype flying wing

Composed of carbon and fiberglass, the lightweight two-seater has neither a fuselage nor a tail. Power comes from a single Rotax engine behind the cockpit. The final product is expected to reach speeds of 170 miles per hour with a range around 1,000 miles.

The company plans to make a 4-seat version as well as testing alternative methods of propulsion.

Number Twelve Designed and built in Switzerland, the Wokart is like a go-kart for the sea. Excellent maneuverability and fast acceleration are just some of the prime attributes of this unique personal watercraft.

Wokart A go-kart for water

The monocoque structure has a catamaran style layout allowing it to make fast 90 degree turns. It has a steering wheel instead of the standard handlebars for watercraft of this size, along with a foot controlled throttle and brake.

A centrally located 70 horsepower engine provides instant acceleration up to 46 miles per hour while maintaining stability no matter the water conditions.

Number Eleven Designers at Fuller Moto of Atlanta, Georgia employed some outside of the box thinking when they designed the 2029.

Fuller Moto 2029 Custom-built bike of the future

This one-of-a-kind project was built from scratch with no blueprints, utilizing 3D metal printing along wtih the traditional fabrication process. The foundation of the bike is an all-electric FXS from Zero Motorcycles that’s been flipped upside down.

In doing so, this provided a lower battery placement and better alignment between the motor and wheels. The body is formed from aluminum and titanium. And just like the 1929 Majestic that it’s styled after, it fully encloses the chassis.

The bike was a commissioned project and is currently on display at the Haas Moto Museum in Dallas, Texas.

Number Ten The newest addition from UK based BAC is a one person vehicle that still manages to be street legal while looking straight up Formula 1.

BAC Mono High-performance supercar

The aptly named Mono has a low, sleek body with a centrally located, open cockpit. Staying true to form it has a racing style seat with a four-point harness and a steering wheel having all kinds of fancy buttons.

Behind the seat is a 2.3-liter, 4-cylinder engine pushing out 332 horsepower. This, along with the light weight of 1,257 pounds, allows for a top speed of 170 miles per hour. The overall design makes it the perfect car for those needing an excuse not to rideshare or if you just want to spoil yourself.

Number Nine Combining jet power with cutting-edge construction, safety, and style is the essence of the Flaris LAR 01. The aircraft has a monocoque, carbon fiber cabin with room for five along with a dash mounted touchscreen navigation system controlling the single jet engine.

The lightweight build and excellent aerodynamics allow for a cruising speed around 480 miles per hour, with a range just under 2,000 miles. With passenger safety foremost, it has an excellent lift-to-drag ratio for extended gliding and a dual parachute system in case of engine failure.

Number Eight Looking like something out of the 1920s, the Qlio Velo is a human powered velomobile with electric assist via a built-in pedal powered generator. Classified as a pedelec, the vehicle can be driven without a license.

Qlio Velo

Although it’s low power, it’s still able to reach a top speed of 28 miles per hour with a range of 75 miles. The vehicle has an aluminum frame with a modular shell consisting of impact resistant foam panels.

Inside is tandem seating for two with handlebar style steering. Standard features include a bluetooth radio, a reverse camera, and remote controlled ambient lighting.

Number Seven Bridging the divide above and below the water is the Platypus Blue Ocean.

Platypus Blue Ocean

The French built watercraft looks like a pontoon, but a surprise feature is the center section, which lowers and lets passengers drop 5 feet below and explore underwater. The semi-submersible caters to those with no diving experience, creating a safe way to explore the subaquatic environment.

Before submerging, users don a mask that allows a full field of vision with air provided by comprossers located in the floats. The hybrid boat has easy to use straightforward controls and a rear cockpit so the pilot can monitor the passengers while driving.

It’s powered by two 50 horsepower outboard engines, enabling it to cruise at 21 miles per hour on the surface and 3 1/2 miles per hour when underwater.

Number Six Another custom design based on the 1929 Majestic is the Revival Six from the minds at Austin’s Revival Cycles.

Revival Six

And just like the earlier mentioned futuristic 2029, this one was also commissioned by the Haas Moto Museum of Dallas, Texas. The similarities end there though as this bike utilizes a Honda CBX 1000cc 6-cylinder for its power source.

It also goes completely naked, having no body panels at all. The stunning result features a swept-back low body riding on 28-inch tires. Although it has modern touches, the overall look of this one is straight out of the early 1900’s.

Number Five A commuters dream of flying over gridlocked rush-hour freeway traffic could soon be a reality. Dallas based Astro Aeronautics is developing the “Elroy,” a short-haul, electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle.

Astro Elroy

The bubble-shaped drone offers an almost 360 degree view from the cabin’s two seats. Using the Touch Flight Control system, the destination is input on a touchscreen interface. Once this is done, the aircraft utilizes a secure 4G network for guidance.

The vehicle’s two arms have a total of sixteen rotors helping reach a top speed around 43 miles per hour with a 25 minute flight time.

Number Four Taking an ATV to the extreme and showing off a new fluid drive technology was the aim of the Ferox company as they developed the Azaris.

Ferox Azaris

The six-wheeled, two-passenger vehicle can climb over the roughest terrain using a rocker style suspension similar to the Mars Rover. It’s offered with a choice of a combustion engine or electric motor connected to a pump channeling fluid through piping in the swing arms to the in-wheel motors.

The result is a low-pressure/high-torque combination offering a smooth and immediate acceleration.

Number Three French manufacturer Newron has unveiled the EV-1, a motorcyle having an organically curved, wood skeleton wrapped around a centrally located cylindrical battery.

Newron EV-1 Sculpted

Unique isn’t a strong enough word to describe this one. The battery, which also acts as a structural part of the chassis, provides a range up to 186 miles. The 75-kilowatt motor is electronically limited to a top speed of 137 miles per hour.

The company is only producing a limited run of 12 units with delivery expected in 2021.

Number Two Foregoing the need for a trailer, the X100 from France’s Iguana Yachts is a boat with a little bit of a tank built into it.

Iguana X100 All-terrain

The 31 1/2-foot long boat looks like any other when it’s out on the water. It’s built on a rigid inflatable hull, having twin outboard 300 horsepower engines. These allow the craft to reach speeds up to 55 miles per hour with a range around 150 miles.

When it’s time to leave the water, integrated tracks on each side fold down to provide a seamless transition to land. These allow the driver to traverse terrain as steep as 45 degrees.

Number One What started in 2005 as a wild idea finally saw its completion in 2018 as a vehicle aptly named the Limo-Jet.


I don’t have enough time to tell you everything about it so I’ll keep it simple. It’s a learjet. On wheels. And though it seems more akin to something seen on a drag strip, this amalgam is fully street legal.

Inside is nothing short of pure luxury having recessed lighting running the length of the floor and ceiling. Red and black leather seats run along one side while opposite is a vast array of electronics and some much needed cup holders.

Other features include an integrated sounds system and a large TV on the back wall. All in all it weighs just over 12,500 pounds and measures 42 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 11 1/2 feet high. Power comes from an 8.1-liter, Chevy Vortec V8 engine but I couldn’t even begin to tell you how fast it will actually go.

If anyone wants to buy this thing, feel free to let me know so I can be the new best friend you never knew you needed!

We’d love to hear your feedback. So please leave some comments below and let us know your favorite from this list, and why you liked it. If you have an idea for a future list, leave another comment and let us know.

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