Gogoro CrossOver Smartscooter: The Ultimate Two-Wheel SUV

Gogoro CrossOver Smartscooter


In the world of electric scooters, Gogoro has established itself as a leading player in the market. Known for its innovative battery-swapping technology, the company has now unveiled its latest creation, the Gogoro CrossOver Smartscooter. This new two-wheeler is not just your ordinary electric scooter – it’s being hailed as the first two-wheel SUV. With its rugged design, customizable features, and impressive performance, the CrossOver aims to take electric scooters to new heights.

A Completely Redesigned All-Terrain Frame

At the core of the Gogoro CrossOver Smartscooter is a completely redesigned all-terrain frame. This frame offers increased rigidity, providing enhanced strength and stability. The CrossOver stands out from Gogoro’s previous models with its higher ground clearance of 14.2 centimeters, making it suitable for challenging road conditions. This rugged frame sets the stage for the CrossOver’s exceptional performance.

Customizable and Personalized Design

Gogoro understands that riders want a scooter that suits their individual needs and preferences. That’s why the CrossOver is designed to be highly customizable and personalized. Riders can adapt its functions on the fly, allowing them to tailor their riding experience. The CrossOver features a flexible mounting system with 26 locking points, providing ample opportunities for attaching accessories such as racks and baskets. This enables riders to carry cargo and personalize their scooter according to their unique requirements.

Versatile Cargo Capacity

One of the standout features of the Gogoro CrossOver Smartscooter is its versatile cargo capacity. The mounting point expansion system allows riders to utilize four cargo areas on the scooter. These include the platform design headlight, foot space, seat area, and rear cargo space. The CrossOver provides ample storage options for riders, ensuring they can carry their belongings conveniently. Additionally, the rear seat can be flipped up or removed to create even more cargo storage space.

Gogoro CrossOver Smartscooter
Powerful Performance and Smooth Ride Experience

When it comes to performance, the Gogoro CrossOver does not disappoint. It is equipped with a G2.2 aluminum alloy water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor that delivers a peak power of 7.6 kW. This motor provides the scooter with impressive acceleration and torque for a thrilling ride. The CrossOver also features a FLO DRIVE™ belt drive system, which offers a smooth and quiet ride experience. With this belt drive system, riders can enjoy hassle-free maintenance and reliable power transfer to the rear wheel.

Enhanced Safety and Control

Safety is a top priority for Gogoro, and the CrossOver is no exception. It features a Synchronized Braking System (SBS) with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. This system stabilizes the scooter and shortens the braking distance, ensuring riders can stop safely and confidently. The CrossOver’s new frame design enhances the durability of the suspension system, providing a comfortable and stable ride even with larger loads. The scooter is equipped with a telescopic front fork and dual rear shock absorbers, along with 12-inch Maxxis MA-EV high-grip dual-performance tires for optimal traction on various road surfaces.

Smart Features for a Connected Riding Experience

Gogoro is known for its smart features, and the CrossOver continues this trend. It is equipped with the new 6.8 iQ System®, which offers various smart functions that can be accessed through Gogoro’s mobile app. Riders can connect their CrossOver to the app via Bluetooth and enjoy features such as remote command and control, real-time vehicle condition inspection, and vehicle location query. The CrossOver S model takes it a step further with the integration of Gogoro’s new Traction Control System (TCS) and optional cruise control mode, providing riders with enhanced control and convenience.

Unique and Personalized Design Options

Gogoro understands that riders want a scooter that reflects their personality. With the introduction of the CrossOver, the company has also launched the Gogoro Bespoke Club for Smartscooter customization services. This allows CrossOver riders to create their own unique and personalized Smartscooter with over 100 color combinations. Whether riders prefer a bold and vibrant look or a sleek and sophisticated style, they can customize their CrossOver to match their taste and preferences.

Availability and Future Expansion

The Gogoro CrossOver Smartscooter will initially be available in Taiwan, where Gogoro has its largest network of battery-swapping stations. Pricing details for the CrossOver have not been revealed at this time. As for international availability, Gogoro has yet to announce specific plans for launching the CrossOver in other markets. However, based on the company’s track record, it is likely that the CrossOver will eventually make its way to other countries, offering riders around the world the opportunity to experience the first two-wheel SUV.


With the Gogoro CrossOver Smartscooter, Gogoro has once again pushed the boundaries of electric scooter innovation. Combining ruggedness, customization, and powerful performance, the CrossOver offers riders a unique and thrilling riding experience. Whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring challenging terrains, the CrossOver is designed to meet your needs. Stay tuned for updates on the availability of the CrossOver in your area and get ready to embark on an exciting new adventure with the first two-wheel SUV from Gogoro.

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