iDevices Smart Switch Review

There are a lot of different reasons as to why someone might want to install smart plugs. For one, they are a very easy way to make your home work a little bit smarter. But, they are also affordable, easy to install, and don’t require a lot of work on your part. Just imagine how easy it would be to turn off something while you’re away from the home, or to set up a schedule so that your coffee maker turns on and starts brewing your favorite cup right when you wake up. We used to think that these things were years away, but this is the reality that could be yours with buying smart plugs. There are loads of smart plugs out there on the market, but none truly compare to the iDevices Switch smart plugs. They were created with the consumer in mind, and you’ll find that they simply work smoother and better than the leading competition.

Best Features

These smart plugs work like any other smart plugs in that they can be controlled while you are at home or away from home. They can also be controlled with your voice if you have a smart device like an Alexa or Google Home. The design of this plug is made so that you can actually fit two smart plugs into one outlet. This is nearly impossible with any other smart plug, but the slim design makes it so that you can safely and easily make every plug a smart plug. The set up couldn’t be easier. Download the iDevices Connected app and plug in the switch. You can then scan the unique code of the plug and it will set up right then and there. These plugs will also monitor the energy consumption of whatever you have plugged in so you know what is and what isn’t costing you a lot of money.


What’s so great about these plugs are that you don’t need to have an additional hub. That could cost you a hundred dollars, but this is designed so that it doesn’t need a hub to work with. The energy monitoring is a nice bonus that allows you to cut back on energy consumption costs should you need to. Most users reported liking the slim design even though the plug is on the side rather than the front.


The only downside of this app is that it can only be used with a 2.4GHz network and not a 5GHz.

Final verdict

For a smart plug you can trust, look no further. These plugs are extremely reliable, but they also won’t cost a lot. You can replace each plug for just $28, which is very affordable in the smart plug world. If you cut down on energy costs, these babies will even save you money!

iDevices Smart Switch

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