Men’s Portable Pee Urinal for Travel

The Car Pool Men’s Portable Pee Urinal Toilet for Hospital Home Camping Car Travel is an excellent choice for when you need to use the restroom, but cannot have immediate access to one. Ideal for long car rides or when you’re stuck in traffic, bed ridden, in the hospital. and really have to go! The car pool compresses down making it easy to take with you. The tube then expands out and will stay in any position you bend it to, allowing the car pool to ergonomically fit the position you are sitting in while driving your car.

The head of the car pool is has a universal design which will form a water tight seal with a wide variety of water bottles, soda bottles and a wide range of other beverage bottles. It also comes with a top cap that you can screw on after use. Designed to allow you to set the empty beverage bottle on the floor of the car in an upright position while attached to the car pool. Then you expand and bend the tube to fit the position you are sitting in. It fits large or small bottles so you can decide your capacity





Men's Portable Pee Urinal Review



This product is a great option for those moments on the road when gas stations or rest stops are just too far to hold it when your bladder is screaming at you.

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