The 5 Weirdest Pizza Toppings Ever


Pizza is everything but weird; it’s everyone’s favorite dinner, versatile, available everywhere are relatively cheap. Of course, that hasn’t stopped people from pushing the boundaries of what is normal — sometimes to the extremes.

These are the 5 weirdest pizza toppings ever, but we’ve done our homework and made sure they’re still tasty. At the end of the day, weird is not all that bad. Who knows, perhaps you end up liking some of these! Wouldn’t that be something? How weird are you, really? Well, we’ll soon find out.

1. Baked Beans

This is either a genius move or a terrible idea. There’s nothing wrong with beans, but they’re just not in tune with the pizza mood. Beans are mushy, earthy, and much better aligned with burritos.

Let’s give the combo a closer look. Tomato sauce and beans are compatible; we enjoy them in chili with no problem, sausages like pepperoni are compatible with beans, too. Beans are also tasty with cheese, so can’t they get along with pizza?

The verdict? Beans are delicious in pizza, but more so when the toppings are of Mexican inspiration: Beans, jalapeño slices, cheese, and chorizo.

2. Salmon

Fishy pizzas are not for everybody. That’s a fact. Not even sardines, popularized by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, are that good of a topping. Smoked salmon, though, deserves special recognition.

The California-style pizza, known for its gourmet ingredients, changed the world of pizza as we know it in the 70s, and amongst its most fervent promoters was Chef Wolfgang Puck. His signature dish was and still is the smoked salmon pizza – it’s topped with cream cheese and caviar, too. How’s that for a classy pizza?

3. Bananas and Curry

Luckily for us, you’ll only find this unorthodox pizza topping combination in Sweden, where it’s madly popular. Actually, Swedish people eat more bananas than any other European country.

Curry powder and sliced bananas make for a spicy-sweet pizza pie, all balanced by the tomato sauce and smoked cheese for a treat that doesn’t sound that bad. I mean, if people eat pineapple pizza, why not go bananas?

4. Falafel

Falafel pizza is here to stay, and it’s gaining traction fast. If you’re not familiarized with the Middle Eastern savory treat, think of bite-sized, deep-fried balls made of pureed chickpeas — yes, they don’t sound that appealing, but they’re delicious!

The question is, are they pizza material? Apparently, they are, at least according to dozens of recipes online and a growing number of pizza spots serving the chickpea-licious pie.

5. Chocolate and marshmallows

Ok, this one doesn’t sound that awful, but it’s still pretty weird! Today sweet pizzas are more common than ever, and they’re pretty tasty. With a Nutella or melted chocolate as a base, the sky’s the limit for sweet toppings — strawberries, marshmallows or M&M’s, everything goes.

If you haven’t tried a sweet pizza before, do so, especially if you’re a dessert person. Be careful, though; these are authentic calorie bombs, so you might regret eating more than a slice. Now, for the most pressing question, how weird are you?

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