The Future of Urban Transportation: Exploring the Rise of Air Taxis

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The race to develop electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxis is heating up, and Joby Aviation is at the forefront of this exciting industry. With the recent clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to begin flight tests on its first production prototype, Joby is one step closer to delivering its innovative air taxi to customers by 2024 and launching a commercial air taxi service by 2025.

Joby’s Milestones and Partnerships

Joby Aviation has achieved significant milestones that put it on track to revolutionize urban air transportation. In partnership with Toyota, Joby’s pilot production plant in Marina, California has rolled out its first eVTOL aircraft. This major achievement was made possible by an injection of $180 million from investor Baillie Gifford. With this funding, Joby has been able to develop its first production prototype, bringing the company one step closer to having a commercially viable eVTOL for passenger use.

Joby’s production prototype eVTOL has also received a special airworthiness certificate from the FAA, allowing it to begin flight testing. This certification is a testament to the rigorous design and manufacturing processes that Joby has implemented over the years. The company has been building and refining its eVTOL since 2017 and has already flown more than 30,000 miles on pre-production prototypes. This experience has prepared Joby for the next stage of the certification process.

The Path to Certification

Joby is progressing steadily through the type certification process with the FAA. Type certification involves gaining approval for the aircraft design and component parts, ensuring compliance with the agency’s standards for airworthiness and noise. Joby is currently in the early stages of the type certification process, with three out of the five necessary stages already underway. Once type certification is achieved, Joby will move on to production certification, which will enable mass production of eVTOLs under FAA-approved designs.

In addition to FAA certifications, Joby has already received its Part 135 air carrier certificate, allowing the company to operate commercial air taxi services. This certificate, obtained in May 2022, positions Joby to launch its on-demand air taxi operations. Joby’s first production prototype aircraft, which will be deployed at Edwards Air Force Base in 2024, has the potential to be the first eVTOL delivered to a customer. This milestone is part of Joby’s Agility Prime contract with the U.S. Air Force, worth up to $131 million, and will require military airworthiness certification.

The Design and Capabilities of Joby’s eVTOL

Joby’s production prototype aircraft is a remarkable feat of engineering. It is a five-seat eVTOL that can take off and land vertically using six large propellers distributed along its wings and V-tail. Once airborne, the aircraft transitions to efficient cruise flight by tilting all its props forward. With a range of over 150 miles and speeds exceeding 200 mph, Joby’s eVTOL is capable of fast and efficient transportation.

One of the key advantages of Joby’s eVTOL is its quiet operation. Compared to traditional helicopters, Joby’s aircraft is vastly quieter, and in cruise mode, it is nearly silent. This low noise profile is crucial for urban air transportation, as it minimizes noise pollution and enables the democratization of vertical commuting. Joby’s eVTOLs have the potential to be produced in large numbers, providing a fast, affordable, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation that can bypass ground-based traffic.

Joby’s Partnership with Toyota and Future Plans

Joby’s partnership with Toyota has been instrumental in its progress towards commercializing air taxi services. Toyota is Joby’s largest external investor, having invested nearly $400 million in the company. In addition to financial support, Toyota has provided engineering expertise and assistance in manufacturing processes. The partnership between the two companies has allowed Joby to leverage Toyota’s experience in mass serial production from the automotive industry, ensuring the scalability and efficiency of its eVTOL manufacturing.

To further solidify their relationship, Joby recently announced the appointment of Tetsuo “Ted” Ogawa, President and CEO of Toyota Motor North America, to Joby’s board of directors. Ogawa’s extensive experience at Toyota and his leadership in the North American market will be valuable assets as Joby continues to scale its manufacturing operations.

While Joby has not disclosed the specific location or timeline for its phase one manufacturing facility, the partnership with Toyota will be crucial in realizing this expansion. The pilot manufacturing line, already in operation, has the capacity to produce tens of aircraft per year. The next stage, the phase one manufacturing facility, will enable Joby to produce larger quantities of eVTOLs to meet the growing demand for air taxi services.

Future Prospects and Conclusion

Joby Aviation is making significant strides in the development of eVTOL air taxis. With its first production prototype cleared for flight tests and a series of partnerships and certifications in place, Joby is well on its way to delivering its vision of urban air transportation. The company’s commitment to safety, rigorous certification processes, and strategic partnerships position it as a frontrunner in the industry.

As Joby continues to refine its eVTOL design, gain further certifications, and expand its manufacturing capabilities, the dream of a commercial air taxi service becomes closer to reality. The potential benefits of air taxis, such as reduced congestion, shorter travel times, and lower emissions, make them an attractive solution for urban transportation challenges. Joby’s innovative approach and dedication to quality and efficiency set the stage for a future where air taxis are a common sight in our skies.

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